Your best partner for group tours in Liguria

Velabus has a leading role in the incoming market: it is based in Liguria, with 25 years of experience in group tours.

We can offer tailor-made tours - daily excursions - packages for pre-established and corporate groups, schools or small family groups. 

Between the coast and the hinterland, cultural visits and eno-gastronomic experiences, strong partnership agreements with the Region's stakeholders, competitive prices and special attention to typical products, small excellences and artisan businesses are just some of the ingredients that make up Velabus Incoming offer.


The very best of the Italian Riviera, Genoa and Riviera dei Fiori

One-day itineraries to discover the best Liguria has to offer.

Among cultural visits, tastings and breathtaking views, everyone will find a reason to fall in love with this region and its people.

Perched villages, elegant towns with Belle Epoque splendor, brightly colored bays and noble palaces have conquered writers and artists for centuries. Even today, the shy character of the Ligurians tends to hide the beauties of this land, but our guides will know how to lead your gaze towards that detail that will remain impressed in your memory.


Must-to-see places in Liguria

The paanorams and places that made Liguria famous: from the ancient port of Genoa to the narrow streets of Cervo, from Cinque Terre to the City of Flowers. What to see in Liguria among glimpses and wonderful villages!

Between sea and cliffs. It is the most romantic Italian region. It may be for its magnificent and colorful villages, or for the charm of its coastline and the sparkle of the sea. In any case, our staff will advise you on the right itinerary for your group!


A taste of Liguria

The cuisine of this small strip of land between mountains and sea is distinguished by a baroque complexity and a distinctive originality. Symbol of Genoese and Ligurian gastronomy, appreciated also abroad, is the Genoese pesto, to be added to trenette, but also corzetti and trofie! What else than the delicious focaccia, hulled with fine Ligurian oil, the noblest of condiments!

The heroic Ligurian oenology, sprouted in adverse territory, through ingenious and steep terraces close to the sea, produces valuable wines: the Sciacchetrà of Cinque Terre, the Rossese of Dolceacqua, the Pornassio, the Val Polcevera, the various Colli di Luni and the Gulf of Tigullio.Polcevera, the various Colli di Luni and the Gulf of Tigullio.


Streets and noble palaces, museums and historic gardens for refined palates

Liguria is the land of explorers, cultural destinations, historical monuments and artistic treasures from every era, preserved in the museums of large cities such us Genoa or in small villages to be discovered inland.

Plenty of UNESCO World Heritage Sites offer treasures that belong to all humanity, esteemed and envied worldwide.


Less touristy Italian Riviera destinations

Looking for a Cinque Terre or Portofino alternative? Here are some of Italian Riviera destinations that get you away from the tourist crowds.

Liguria is so rich in beauty, natural or historical treasures are everywhere!

Few extremely suggestive places attract thousands of visitors every year. However, there are also unusual places, mostly unknown but very suggestive really worth visiting and often very close to the very famous ones.

Be ready to discover some incredible places in Liguria, destinations off the beaten tourist track or simply seen from a different point of view.


Parks, gardens, landscapes and nature

Liguria is a region rich in natural beauties, where the meeting of hilly and mountainous territories with the Ligurian Sea gives it unforgettable landscapes: the Riviera of flowers, Portofino, the Cinque Terre, Portovenere.

An environment to discover among the colors, flavors and scents!